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July | August 2005
The People's Courts
Lincoln Caplan

City of Blight
Detroit's new weapon in its war on eyesores.
By Geoffrey Gagnon

The Fourth Man
The unsolved mystery at the center of a historic gay rights case.
By Margot Sanger-Katz

A Place to Crash
The dangers of driving while drowsy.
By Aaron Dalton

A Man's Home Is His Castle
But a man's mobile home is his chattel.
By Elizabeth Austin

The Prudent Jurist
Should kooks be allowed to represent themselves?
By William H. Simon

The Inside Dope
Holding countries accountable for their athletes could end the steroid scourge.
By Daniel Yi

So Long
Changing the judicial pension system could keep judges from staying on the bench for too many years.
By Judith Resnik

Give Me Death
A lawyer explains why a client decided to volunteer for execution.
By John Blume

What Would Allah Do?
In its fight against terrorism, Yemen finds that the words of a heavenly power deliver down-to-earth results.
By Nadya Labi

The Dread Pirate Bin Laden
Thinking of terrorists as pirates can help win the war on terror.
By Douglas R. Burgess Jr.

On Notice
The most divisive section of the newspaper might be the one you never read: the public notices.
By Sasha Issenberg

Boss Of The Bosses
Delaware's most important judge takes on greedy executives, Congress, and the history of corporate law.
By Len Costa

Its rules reconcile cycling's individuality with the sport's group nature.
By Nathanael Blake

Changing Of The Guards
A prison breaks from convention in treating the mentally ill.
By Mary Beth Pfeiffer

A Platinum Parachute
How Richard Grasso lost his job at the New York Stock Exchange. And how the exchange lost nearly $150 million.
By Nicholas Thompson

When Pigs Float
A pork barrel project meant to revive the American cruise industry sinks under its own weight.
By Krista Carothers

A judge never forgets—and other discoveries from the nation's law reviews.

Land of the Rising Lawyer?
A bold solution to Japan's floundering economy: 68 American-style law schools.
By Annie Murphy Paul

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