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March | April 2003
Swing Votes: Lincoln Caplan

Identity Crisis
By Dashka Slater
Turning Aristotle into law.

Battle of the Bands
By Joshua David Mann
The Shallows v. Thee Shallows.

Trial by Prosecutor
By Hiroshi Matsubara
Up against Japan's 99.8 percent conviction rate.

Guanxi in Guangzhou
By Katherine A. Mason
A Chinese client cuts his own deal.

The Harlem Youth Court
By Kim Deitch
Where kids are judge, jury, and attorney.

For Credit
By Avi Schick
Tax credits are better than school vouchers.

In Defense of the Slippery Slope
By Eugene Volokh & David Newman
A good decision now can lead to a bad one later.


A Hand in the Matter
By Cass R. Sunstein
Unrestrained by constitutional history and the democratic process, the Rehnquist Court has pushed its agenda on the rest of the country.

Upholding the Law
By Orin S. Kerr
We aren't living in an age of activism. Critics hype a few controversial decisions, but miss the Rehnquist Court's pattern of restraint.

By Nell Bernstein
California's recently passed Proposition 21 treats teens who commit crimes as adults.


The Jazz Man
By Aviam Soifer
Charles Black's upbringing in the segregated South inspired his lifelong fight for civil rights.

rule of law
Danger in Numbers
By Neal Kumar Katyal
Why it makes sense to have harsh punishments for conspiracy.

Reversals of Fortune
By Patrick Keefe
How Hollywood makes heroes out of lawyers.

first person
Opinions For Sale
By Steven Moss
Confessions of an expert witness.


HTTP in Cincinnati
An Ohio county has put its public records on the web. Amy Benfer on whether the records are now too public.

One Country, One System?
Doreen Weisenhaus on Beijing's effort to curb speech in Hong Kong.

Reds, Whites, and Blue Laws
Max Garrone on how to get a boutique zinfandel from California to Texas.

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