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May | June 2004
The Good Advocate
Lincoln Caplan


An Illegal Arrangement
By Cynthia Joyce
The test Louisiana florists can't afford to fail.

...Join 'Em
By Geoffrey Gagnon
Currying favor with Barry Currier.

Double Blind
By Clive Thompson
Who needs a lawyer when there's the Internet?

The Snap-on Wives
By Brian Montopoli
When the family franchise fails, who can sue?

By Stephen Gillers
A juvenile judge tattles on the kids in his court.

Breaking Up Isn't Hard to Do
By John Swansburg
Hollywood has decided divorce isn't a big deal.

Charles Was First
By James Pfander
The etymology of terror.

Sucker Punch
By Chris Mooney
How conservatives are trying to gut the science behind the Endangered Species Act.

Locked Out
By Kate Andrias
What do Circuit City, Waffle House, and Labor Ready have in common?

A Bold Stroke
By Emily Bazelon
In her opinion ordering Massachusetts to allow gay marriages, the chief justice of the state's supreme court has shunned politics and stood on principle. But will she be remembered as the judge who jeopardized her court for a cause?

Medea's Shadow
By Charlotte Faltermayer
Marybeth Davis is serving a life sentence for killing her 3-year-old daughter and severely injuring her infant son. New evidence suggests that Davis might be innocent—and that the medical diagnosis used to convict her might be a medical fiction.

The Sword of Spitzer
By Nicholas Thompson
A little-known law called the Martin Act gives New York's attorney general extraordinary power, yet for 75 years this Excalibur has been left to rust in its scabbard. Now, Eliot Spitzer is wielding it against the biggest players on Wall Street.


L.A. Lawlessness
The lying, cheating, murdering elite of the new LAPD cop shows and movies.
By Jeff Turrentine

Piety and the Preamble
Joseph Weiler's A Christian Europe claims a place for Christianity in Europe's proposed new constitution.
By Robert Howse

Ducking the death penalty, making a federal case out of local corruption, and other ideas from the nation's law reviews.


Exodus. Numbers. Judges
As conservative parishes leave the liberal Episcopal Church, who shall inherit the real estate?
By Elizabeth Austin

Just Say Nothing
Joe White's battle to legalize the discussion of drug legalization.
By Gary Greenberg

Portrait of a Lady

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