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September | October 2005
Commander in Chief
Lincoln Caplan

Evil Twins
And how DNA evidence is useless against them.
By John Wolfson

Elder Counsel
How Somalia's aged tribal justice system keeps the peace in a country known for chaos.
By Louisa Lombard

Reserving a truck can be a devilish business.
By Nicholas Hengen

Torture, Inc.
Susan Burke wants two American corporations to be held liable for the abuse that took place at Abu Ghraib.
By Tara McKelvey

Was the Plant a Plant?
An endangered flower sprouts mysteriously in the path of a planned development.
By Demian Bulwa

The Prudent Jurist
When do jurors have the right not to remain silent?
By William H. Simon

The Shoe Still Fits
The white buck is gone from elite law firms, but the snobbery it represented lives on.
By Elizabeth Chambliss

The Nth Degree
Want to be a law professor? Where'd you get your Ph.D.?
By David Fontana and Margot Sanger-Katz

An Uncivil Division
Political appointees at Justice's civil rights division are driving career lawyers to retirement—then skipping the retirement parties.
By William R. Yeomans

Left to Their Own Devices
By helping to shield manufacturers from lawsuits, the FDA is pushing tort reform by fiat—and leaving potentially flawed devices on the market.
By Theodore Ruger

Furious George
The belligerence of the Bush Administration in pursuing expansive power has a long Republican pedigree.
By Neil Kinkopf

The Missing Link
Congress has shirked its constitutional duties and floundered in the war on terror.
By Michael Greenberger

Monkey Wrench
The Supreme Court has always thwarted presidents who demand unlimited legal power in wartime.
By Cass R. Sunstein

Disarming and Dangerous
Meet the affable, consensus-building solicitor general, and learn why liberals should fear him.
By Chris Suellentrop

Lessons from the Swiss-Cheese Map
Why have Israeli-Palestinian peace talks ignored the importance of good mapmaking?
By Shari Motro

King James I, of Michigan
In 1851, James Strang declared himself king of a tract of Northern Michigan. President Millard Fillmore took the king to court and the president lost.
By Geoffrey Gagnon

Point-Blank Verse
A school of poetry says the words of judges provide a vivid record of what we see and feel.
By David Skeel

Windier City, Bigger Apple
Would expanding the boundaries of Chicago and New York to include their suburbs make them greater cities?
By Minor Myers III

Tenure-track law students and other characters from the nation's law reviews.

Trial of the 5th Century B.C.
The first madame foreperson was Pallas Athena. A history of trials, from the "Oresteia" to the O.J. saga.
By Adam Cohen

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