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September|October 2005
Furious George By Neil Kinkopf
The Missing Link By Michael Greenberger
Monkey Wrench By Cass R. Sunstein
Lessons >From the Swiss Cheese Map By Shari Motro
Disarming and Dangerous By Chris Suellentrop
King James I, of Michigan By Geoffrey Gagnon

The Rehnquist Legacy

Right On
By Richard Garnett
The conservative principles William Rehnquist revived will guide the court for decades to come, making him one of the most dominant chief justices in American history.
January|February 2004

Wrong, But Not Too Right
By Kermit Roosevelt
Rehnquist has cared more about expanding his court's power than sparking a conservative revolution.
January|February 2004

Plus: Hail to the chief?
Kermit Roosevelt and Richard W. Garnett debate Rehnquist’s legacy.
March 2004

A Hand in the Matter
By Cass Sunstein
Has the Rehnquist Court pushed its agenda on the rest of the country?
March|April 2003

Upholding the Law
By Orin Kerr
We aren't living in an age of activism. Critics hype a few controversial decisions, but miss the Rehnquist Court's pattern of restraint.
March|April 2003

Plus: What Federalism Revolution?
Roderick M. Hills Jr. and Roger Pilon debate the shift towards state's rights.
July 2005

And: John Roberts v. Clarence Thomas?
Stephen B. Presser and Samuel Marcosson debate Thomas's potential as Chief Justice.
January 2005

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