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January | February 2006
Law and Politics
By Lincoln Caplan

Tribunal on Trial
A new war crimes court in Sarajevo struggles to find its way.
By David Bosco

A Court in a Storm
Hurricane victims find protection and prosecution behind the walls of a Louisiana courthouse.
By Aaron Kuriloff

To Have and Hold a Green Card
Inside the federal crackdown . . . on wedding fraud.
By Melissa Nann Burke

A Fix for Junkies
Can a new medicine prevent drug users from getting high?
By Jay Dixit

Setback in Stone
Why alumni bearing gifts shouldn't always get university buildings bearing their names.
By Collin Campbell

Should lawyers be penalized whenever a deal they approved turns out to be shady?
By William H. Simon

A Wink and a Nod
A new scandal exposes the problem with blind trusts.
By Len Costa

Lawyers in Their Habitats
Law firms contemplating transnational mergers should start thinking like anthropologists.
By Bryant Garth

Sheep in Wolves' Clothing
Private military men patrol Iraq in constant jeopardy of stepping on legal landmines.
By Rebecca Ulam Weiner

Gone but Not Forgotten
Bar examiners cheat would-be lawyers of a second chance by asking them to disclose expunged convictions.
By Kurt L. Schmoke

Without A Net
The Internet is vulnerable to viruses so lethal that they could gravely damage the online world—unless we upgrade law and technology now.
By Jonathan Zittrain

Digital Borders
National boundaries have survived in the virtual world—and allowed national laws to exert control over the Internet.
By Jack Goldsmith And Timothy Wu

Dragon Slayers Or Tax Evaders?
Buying and selling imaginary goods in computer-game worlds is big business. Now let's figure out whether gamers should pay real-world taxes on virtual treasures.
By Julian Dibbell

My Brain Made Me Do It
Breakthroughs in neuroscience are changing our understanding of criminal culpability. That worries a leading neuroscientist—but it shouldn't worry lawyers or judges.
By Nicholas Thompson

Cool Tools For Tyrants
The latest American technology helps the Chinese government and other repressive regimes clamp down.
By Derek Bambauer

Uncover Me
The way to come out without having to fit in.
By Judy Coleman

Social network theory and other tech-related ideas from the nation's law reviews.

Church and Overstated
Noah Feldman has big plans for the Constitution's Establishment Clause.
By Winnifred Fallers Sullivan

Quarterback Sneak
With its college football video game, EA Sports is making an end run around the NCAA's rules.
By Andy Latack

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