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May | June 2005
Lincoln Caplan


Double Daylight
In Indiana, time wounds more than it heals.
By Margot Sanger-Katz

Made in India
Are your lawyers in New York or New Delhi?
By Daniel Brook

A child molester pleads unconsciousness.
By Aaron Dalton

Dickie Scruggs takes on the welding industry.
By Suzanne Sataline

Old Yeller
The illustrious history of the yellow legal pad.
By Suzanne Snider

The Prudent Jurist
Are lawyers "doctors"?
By William H. Simon

Paying for Patents
Why we should tax patents the same way we tax real estate.
By Josh Rosenblum

Show Us the Money
Lawsuits are prying open the hidden investments of public pension funds, but disclosure comes at a price.
By Ricardo Bayon

The Brains Behind Blackmun
Harry Blackmun's papers reveal that, more than any justice in memory, he gave his law clerks control over his thinking and writing when he was on the Supreme Court.
By David J. Garrow

Unbecoming Justice Blackmun
Becoming Justice Blackmun, Linda Greenhouse's new book, reveals a justice who cared more about politics than about women's rights.
By William Saletan

A Measure Of Truth
Walker Eliot's Supreme Court clerkship: An excerpt from the forthcoming novel In the Shadow of the Law.
By Kermit Roosevelt

The Federalist Capers
What history can teach Democrats about surviving a Republican federal government.
By Roderick M. Hills Jr.

A Dirty Little Secret
Soot: the carcinogenic, climate-changing grime no one talks about.
By Eric Redman

Justice On The Half Shell
Louisiana's oyster farmers get a raw deal in court.
By Aaron Kuriloff

The Prince Of Darknet
Why is a trafficker in pirated movies sailing to Hollywood's rescue?
By Joseph D. Lasica

Oh, God
Does denying a belief in a deity's influence over the law muck up legal thought?
By Scott Shapiro and Alison Mackeen

A Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy
It's neither vast nor a conspiracy. Discuss.
By Jonathan H. Adler

The right to destroy your favorite toy—and other pursuits from the nation's law reviews.

License to Wardrive
Searching for wireless Internet connections is legal. Using them isn't.
By Brendan I. Koerner

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